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STRUCTURE is the Windows-based accounting package that integrates the significant quantifiable elements of a construction project and a construction business.  Because STRUCTURE is so versatile, we are able to service all varieties of contractors.


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Contractor Accounting Software

STRUCTURE, our end-to-end construction accounting solution for your Business

Job Costing & Billing

When it comes down to it, your business starts with jobs. STRUCTURE's Job Cost module allows you to view and analyze all the significant details of each job, it also allows you to summarize and compare costs to the budget. You can develop your own budget in dollars, hours, units, by cost code or cost type. You can even import a budget from one of the many third party estimating programs that seamlessly integrate with STRUCTURE. Of course, you're not the only party interested in Job Cost - STRUCTURE's flexible reporting options help you to analyze and report over and under billing projections, for your bonding company and your bank.

Accounts Receivable

Like any business your cash flow starts with receivables. It is crucial that you are able to stay on top of your incoming revenue. Structure’s counts Receivable Module lets you view and analyze your cash flow from every conceivable vantage point. Structure automatically posts invoice data from the Job Cost/Billing Module and Work Order Module, updates Cash Receipts, and automatically controls retainage.

Accounts Payable

Cash flows both ways and Structure helps you keep track of where your cash is going. Structure automatically posts purchases to Job Cost and General Ledger, and ages invoices by due date or invoice date for any time period. With Structure, you can run cash management reports by job, due date, selected vendors’ invoices or various combinations.

Payroll in STRUCTURE - Payroll Made Easy

Payroll can be a nightmare for any contractor with employees having multiple pay types job classifications and pay scales, different locations having different tax rates, and dozens of compliance reports required by various agencies. You can easily set up Structure to do it all for you: automatically post labor to job costs, track vacation, holiday and sick time, calculate taxes and deductions for layoff checks, Davis-Bacon and Section 125 deductions, and automatically print state Tax checks and garnishment checks as part of the payroll run.

General Ledger

In any accounting system, all transactions link to General Ledger, and with Structure, you can isolate and highlight those transactions for time periods you define. You can work in multiple periods and you can isolate department, division and multi-company accounts. You can create supporting schedules for every account. Of course, you can set up automatic accruals, reversals and recurring entries. Structure performs all the standard functions of a powerful General Ledger system. But it’s the user-created capabilities that make it shine.



STRUCTUREmobile is a remote tool that allows you to dispatch Work Orders to the field, and allows techs to complete the call from the field for instant billing.


For over 36 years, C/F Data Systems has been servicing the construction industry with solutions that address their unique office and financial needs.

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