Pro Fund Accounting

Pro Fund Accounting

Pro Fund is municipal accounting software designed to help make your municipality's accounting department run smoother. Pro Fund Accounting is perfect for small townships, medium-sized businesses, or even large county agencies.

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Simple Government Accounting Software

Pro Fund Accounting was designed from the ground up to help make state and local government accounting simpler. Each of the different Pro Fund Accounting suites has been created with features which have been engineered to provide the exact financial management services you require.

Our accounting information system will also help your state or local government become more efficient and more financially transparent by enhancing your budget tracking and reporting capabilities with our easy to use budgeting system.

Pro Fund Accounting is municipal accounting software designed to help you manage your municipality’s finances in the following areas:
  • Financial Management
  • Payroll
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile
  • Budgeting

Features offered in each of the Pro Fund Accounting suites:

Pro Fund Accounting Suites

Our powerful and affordable accounting software and American-based expert support staff are just two of the reasons Pro Fund Accounting will be your first choice for a new government accounting information system.

When you purchase Pro Fund Accounting, you are receiving a comprehensive fund accounting solution that serves the individual needs of your state or local government.