Activity HD is ERP for the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market, offering a fully integrated suite of accounting and payroll products. The difference is in the details and unlike anything you have experienced before in accounting software.

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Accounting Software in HD

Activity software provides a framework for viewing your accounting data in High Definition. Like HDTV, your data is not hidden behind codes and multiple layers of detail screens, your users have the tools to exponentially increase their productivity.

There are no obscure codes to remember or dozens of screens to slog through to find the data you need! Data is presented quickly and concisely in a tabular format, ready for you to sort, filter, drill down, and explore. Changes by one user are instantaneously available to all users without a screen refresh.

Designed from the outset.

Activity is the only ERP system designed from the outset to give you a clear view of your data. Other ERP products were developed over 20 years ago using non-database file structures and were later shoehorned into a database environment. And while some software companies have pieced their packages together from acquisitions, Activity was designed and built by an experienced team of developers specifically for relational databases and graphical user interfaces (GUI), delivering a consistent user experience.

Our data presentation is detailed and spectacular.

You see all the details to give your data a level of clarity unlike anything you have experienced in accounting software. No more printing or waiting on IT to design a custom report to obtain information. All the data (within a user’s security boundary) is available to be sorted, filtered, and presented on their individual screen. The data viewed can be customized according to each user’s needs. With the click of a button, data can be captured and exported to a spreadsheet and imported right back into Activity. With the Activity Automation interface, data can be imported from almost any source.

Software that works with you

We are not constrained by hard-coded attributes built into our software. Instead of the software dictating how you run your business, we allow you to determine the flow of your business and the software works with you.

The difference in Activity and a browser-based system can be dramatic.

Changes to data are instantaneously viewable to all users without having to do a screen refresh. This means information being viewed is always current and automatically updated on your screen in real time versus browser-based software that requires continual screen refreshes and limited data presentation.

How often in other software packages do the quarterly or year-to-date totals become unbalanced with account details? This is never a problem with Activity because totals are always calculated in real time, never pulled from a bucket. The speed at which data is calculated from the detail rivals any "bucket-based" (accumulator) system.

The Accounting in High Definition capability of Activity is something you must experience.

Activity is a modern comprehensive and secure business management system utilizing a SQL database. Activity’s data-centric model allows users to see data on-screen rather than hiding the data in forms accessible only through codes. Data changes made by one user are instantly seen by all other users on their monitors.

With 30 years of experience, you can be assured of Activity’s robustness and stability…just the kind of characteristics you need in your accounting software. Activity’s integrated products are built to enhance productivity and efficiency. Analyze where you are and make informed business decisions with Activity’s extensive reporting capabilities. Put your mind at ease with optimum security that is provided over the system, companies, and data.

We think you'll find that Activity's accounting modules are just the tools you need to exponentially increase your productivity, saving you both time and money.

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