New Accounting System for 2016?

2016 is right around the corner. You still have time to start your analysis and planning for the implementation.   

As a past consultant for hundreds of organizations, I helped install accounting software in various types of situations. Some organizations planned ahead and followed through with their plan. It's so important to do this when changing your accounting system which runs the nuts and bolts of your company.
Here are some tips to consider:

Start Backwards! 

If you want to start a new system on Jan. 1, 2016, you need to work backwards to start your planning.
  •  Training time
  •  Holidays
  •  Data Integration
  •  Procedure Review
  •  Hardware and technology adjustments
  •  Demos and Reviews of software
  •  Analysis of needs, budget analysis, and which systems do you want to thoroughly review.

Assign Duties!

  •  Need Review and Analysis via Accounting Software Selector Tool
  •  New Technology Reviews and Hardware Analysis
  •  Communication with Board, Staff, etc.
  •  Ultimate decision makers and budget management
  •  Training Management
These are a few items you'll need to manage to smoothly change to a new software system. See our other articles and downloadable implementation checklist for a smooth implementation.