Introducing - Accounting Software Selection Made Easy

TAMPA, Fla., May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — launched today as the easiest way to compare accounting software within industries. The site offers a Software Selection Tool, which gives the visitor the ability to narrow down their search with just a few clicks. The site also offers a resource library, accounting software directory, and quick product comparisons.

Accounting Software Matching Tool"We are thrilled to launch our second website that truly offers a service," said Carolyn Sokol, the site's founder and President, referring to, the first site she developed using this concept. "What sets us apart is that we give control of the search to the user, allowing them to select who contacts them, as opposed to allowing a sales person to steer them in a self-serving direction."

Truly unique is the unbiased proprietary comparison and ranking technology within the Accounting Software Selector Tool. This comprehensive filter enables the user to specify and rank those features and capabilities that they find most important. The tool then filters results to show only the software providers that offer those particular industry features. Impartial and unbiased, easy to use and free, the Selection Tool shows immediate results upon which the client can then send a request to their desired vendors of interest.

Survey resultsIn addition, the new site will grow as an information and resource center for people not only looking for new accounting software, but for those looking for best practices implementing and using that software. Demos, webinars, articles, press releases, success stories, and case studies will all have their place on the site. Visitors should check back often, as the library will continue to grow.

"We built this site because we truly believe there was not a detailed enough service out there for business accounting and finance professionals. Our goal is to reduce the software search process by providing key information that will help build a go to list of software providers, whether in the cloud, on your own private cloud, or in an on-premises solution," stated Carolyn Sokol.'s launching partners include Intacct, Abila MIP and FUND EZ for non-profits, Workwise, Genesis, Sage and TRAVERSE for distribution and manufacturing firms, Construction Systems Software and Spectrum by Dexter-Chaney for construction companies, Axon Trucking for transportation and ESILaw for the legal folks, amongst several others.