Genesis Total Solutions

Genesis Total Solutions

Genesis Total Solutions has been providing quality software for over 35 years to businesses in the United States, Canada and overseas. All of our applications were written by our company and can be used by both large and small businesses at a very affordable price.

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Accounting, Distribution, Manufacturing and Food Production Software

Genesis offers 11 separate modules that can be used individually to address a specific requirement such as payroll, or can be grouped together to provide an integrated solution addressing the Fulfillment, Distribution, Production and Accounting needs of a business.

Genesis Accounting

An on-premises solution that provides stand-alone accounting modules for all types of businesses. The modules that make up the system include:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Human Resource
  • Depreciation
  • Bank Reconciliation

Genesis Distribution

An on-premises solution that addresses all of the distribution requirements for the wholesale and business to business market. Modules include the following:

  • Order Processing
  • Inventory Control
  • Shipping
  • Sales History and Analysis
  • Invoicing and Receivables
  • Salesman Commissions
  • Purchasing

Genesis Production

An on-premises solution that addresses all of the Production (manufacturing) requirements for businesses who not only distribute but also produce their own products. The system can be used by both discrete and process manufacturers. Features include:

  • Planning
  • Work orders
  • Labor tracking
  • Materials and overhead costs

Each system, as well as each individual module, can all be interfaced with each other to provide a customized total solution for our clients.

Genesis Recipes

A specialized solution designed for the Food Industry to help clients process all of their data. Features include:

  • A recipe file loaded with the ingredients, processes, instructions, # emps required, labor rates, overhead costs, etc. for each product.
  • This file then creates a work order which updates quantities, production costs and yields for a production run.
  • Data will then be carried to Inventory. Purchasing will be used to order the ingredients used by Recipes and write all receipts to Inventory.

Our solution can handle multiple units of measure such as one for orders and one for consumption (ordering in bags of flour and consuming in lbs. of flour), or, in the case of finished goods, one for a production run (each) and one for sales (boxes, cases, etc.).

Lot numbers of both ingredients consumed in the work orders and for finished goods are recorded for later retrieval and reporting. We then integrate this data with Distribution to allow for the selling and shipping of all products. Finally, our Accounting modules incorporate solutions that can record and report all dollars - thus providing a complete Total Solution for the business.