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Connected Accounting and ERP by Accountek

If you are a small business looking for an auditable accounting solution but don't require inventory management or job costing, then Connected Core Accounting may be right for you.

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Connected Core Accounting or Connected Enterprise Accounting & ERP

Since 1991, Accountek has been assisting small to mid-sized organizations with innovative, cross-platform (Mac and PC users) accounting solutions. Connected is designed for businesses that are facing one or all of the following challenges:

  • they have outgrown their entry-level solution
  • they operate a Mac based business but need to share between PC users, including the external accountant
  • they are using an older version of PC software such as AccPacTM or MAS 90 TM and require similar features for both Mac and PC users, without paying steep upgrade costs
  • they have a unique set of business requirements that typical off-the-shelf software cannot satisfy

Both versions of Connected software have the option of being hosted in a private cloud. The private cloud allows a company to enjoy the benefits of the cloud model but still own the software licensing should they decide to revert to a traditional local network. Connected is also offered in a flexible licensing model in which a customer can purchase the exact amount of users needed without having to buy in blocks of five.

Connected Core Accounting offers a complete set of accounting tools and is ideal for businesses that don’t require Inventory or Job management, yet require advanced features such as Multiple Currencies, Profit Centre/Departmental Reporting, and Purchase Order tracking. Both Connected versions include access from either a Mac or PC, and the ability to link any file attachment, such as quotes, contracts, or drawings, to virtually all of Connected’s screens.

Connected Enterprise builds on the Core Accounting features to include Inventory Control and Job Costing features. The key sectors where Connected Enterprise is focused include Distribution, Manufacturing, Not for Profit, Medical or Food Suppliers, and Imports/Exporters.

Highlights of the Inventory Management include:

  • Multiple Location Inventory Tracking, including on hand, on customer order, on purchase order, on manufacture, and committed inventory are available in one window
  • Multi-Tiered Manufacturing with the ability to customize bill of materials (BOM’s) on the fly. Users can also import a custom BOM when requesting a manufacture from a customer order.
  • Easily print customizable labels to identify goods upon receipt or finished goods manufacturing. Labels can include bar codes, lot/serial numbers, and other important item information.
  • Lot/Serial Number Control on finished goods and component parts used within manufactured items.
  • Up to 6 decimal places for quantity tracking
  • 7 price levels, with quantity discount breaks in a Price Matrix and custom pricing options
  • POs can be generated from a customer’s order, an open manufacture request, or in a batch based on inventory levels

The ability to work on both Mac and PC platforms simultaneously makes the Job Costing module perfect for companies that have administrative staff using PC’s and creative staff using Macs.

Highlights of the Job Costing features include:

  • Job Tracking with cost allocations from Purchases, Disbursements, Inventory, Manufacturing, Timesheets, Purchase Orders, Expense Reports and Journal Entries
  • Work In Progress Management to be able to bill and/or unbill job cost details
  • Job Estimating, including revisions with job budget update capability
  • Timesheet Entry, with the ability to hide costs and billing rates 

Connected is easily scalable from a single user to over 30 concurrent users. Continued development on interface aspects will focus on specializing screens for touch (tablet) access to maximize the user experience. The hosted options are platform independent and can be accessed by any device via web browser.

Customers with unique business requirements get the best of both worlds with Accountek - the company will customize Connected to suit a client’s specific needs, a benefit not available from most off-the-shelf software. Accountek also provides a free copy of Connected to the external accountant of a registered user so that they can review a client’s data file.