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ComputerEase offers a construction management software solution that improves the way contractors run their business and meet their unique construction accounting challenges.

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Software Built for Contractors

Contractors have similar yet distinct needs when it comes to Construction Management and accounting software.

Whether their unique needs relate to the size of the company, scope of the job, level of specialization, or the need to subcontract, contractors often require greater flexibility in the tools they use to manage, track, and bill for a job. ComputerEase software for contractors recognizes this uniqueness and has incorporated tools that can be used throughout the construction industry based on the demands of each job or company.

Why ComputerEase Remains the Number One Choice

  • Time Tested Industry Leader - By being the first in the industry to offer a Windows platform, integration of project management with construction accounting, mobile technology and the cloud for software execution, ComputerEase has stayed proactive and on the cutting edge of technology.
  • Our Name Says It All - ComputerEase; the choosing of our name was not an accident, but rather a purposeful business statement. Customers partner with our company because we provide them with the tools to make their lives easier. One of the ways we accomplish this is by ensuring our software is always easy to use for every end user.
  • Have it Your Way - Contractors have similar yet distinct needs. We provide you with the choice of using a desktop, or the cloud, or even a semi-cloud means of software execution. ComputerEase is also scalable to your needs. Purchase what you need today and easily add to your software functionality as your needs grow. Our customers are especially excited about our work flow that is uniquely tailored to each individual person’s functionality needs within the software.
  • Let the Numbers do the Talking - ComputerEase has had the same owner for over 33 years, has the largest customer base with over 6,000 clients, and continues to grow steadily. Our customers choose to partner with a company that has a proven track record of stability.
  • And there’s More - Our only focus is the construction industry and our customers drive our software enhancements. The result - ComputerEase offers the best estimating solution on the market. We offer a fully integrated CRM package based on the needs of the construction industry and we offer an outside payroll service that is fully integrated into our own construction accounting software.

Experienced People

At ComputerEase, the client always comes first. We take pride in the peerless level of customer support we provide. This service level is possible because 100% of the ComputerEase support, training, and implementation staff have experience in the construction industry.

You can’t truly help a contractor until you’ve walked in his shoes. It is essential to understand concepts like bid day, projected cost, prevailing wage, work in progress, retainage, certified payroll, and AIA billings when you’re walking a client through a software implementation or support issue.

The ComputerEase Difference

  • Innovation
  • Ease of use
  • Experienced people
  • Proven implementation process

We understand that when implementing a new system, Support is only the beginning. Not only do we help you install our program, we also offer onsite Pre-Implementation Training, transitioning and data migration support, online webinars, and more.

Our innovative, user-friendly product development sets us apart from the competition, but when you take our outstanding people and proven implementation process into account, it becomes clear that ComputerEase is second to none.

Construction Accounting, Project Management, Job Costing, Estimating, Service Management, Equipment Management, Remote Time Entry and Inventory Control