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I am very proud of the results achieved with and fully believe that the knowledge gained from this endeavor can easily transfer to new website ventures., which has now seen over 130k visits, has mostly worked because my 15 years of industry experience helped me provide the detail needed by those who are researching HR information systems. We are not the only HRIS comparison website on the web but, to my knowledge, we are the only site that is owned and operated by someone who directly sold, supported, and implemented HRIS/HRMS systems before creating a comparison site. In my opinion, and probably most of those who have compared these types of sites, that’s what makes our site the best. I’m not done yet.
Now, we proudly announce our next project, Once again, the site will be owned and operated by industry experts. John and Teresa Francis have over 20 years of experience within the accounting software industry. is not the only site available for comparing and researching accounting software but, as with my site, to my knowledge it’s the only site being run by industry experts. I’ve known John and Teresa Francis for 15 years and they have been a real delight to work with on this project. If you like what offers but are looking for information on Accounting Software, is where you should start your research. Logo
Here are a few of the exciting features and tools offered on
·         Compare Accounting Software Selection Tool
·         Accounting Software Pre-recorded Demos
·         Business Accounting Software Buyers Guide
·         Accounting Software Library
o    Accounting Software Solutions: Things to Think of Before You Buy!
o    Accounting Software Change Roadmap
o    Horizontal vs. Vertical Accounting Software Solutions – Which Do You Need?
Again, Congratulations to John and Teresa. I look forward to working on this exciting project with the two of you. I’m equally excited that the accounting software industry, and those who are researching these types of services, will have a comprehensive research site to utilize.

About the Author:
Clay Scroggin has worked in the Human Resource and Payroll Software Industry for more than fifteen years. During that time Clay and those who have worked for him, have sold and implemented hundreds of HR professionals with their HR software needs. In 2007 Clay began working on, a site dedicated to assisting HR professionals with their search, selection, implementation and use of HR systems. The site contains several tools to assist HR professionals with their HR software research including: a HRIS and HRMS Software Selection Tool and a HR software technology forum.