Moving to the Cloud!

"Cloud computing" is a term coined by the “cloud” symbol typically used on flow charts to represent activity on the internet. Data is sent into the cloud, functions are processed, and data is returned to the user or some other constituent. Applications using cloud computing perform their functions off-site.

One potential benefit of subscribing to a cloud based system is increased functionality without the cost of a fully licensed, housed ERP solution. Cloud based solutions currently offered through publishers are sometimes limited in terms of functionality (no multi-currency or multi-lingual features, for instance).  However, many vendors of more robust systems are offering subscription based service, where you get the full benefit of the total ERP solution without incurring the upfront cost. So you may be able to afford features like payroll, human resources, and even multi-lingual solutions.

This is one of many reasons it makes sense to use CompareAccountingSoftware to identify which systems meet your needs, and then allow the vendors who have appropriate solutions to come to you to present their best solution and price for your review. If you simply base your decision on what you think you can afford, you may miss out on a solution that can make your system more efficient, saving you and your staff valuable time. Time you can use for things more productive than pushing paper and working on spreadsheets. Heck, you may even get to go back to a 40 hour work-week!