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Billy – Small Business Accounting Software

Billy is cloud-based accounting software designed especially for small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs. It’s for people who don’t like accounting – we’ve stayed away from special accounting terms, complex rules and tedious procedures. We call it “accounting software in plain English.” 

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For those who aren't happy with the run of the mill, standard 'out of the box' software, welcome to Billy – easy accounting software for your small business.

Send invoices, manage your bills and more, all online with your Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone.

Best of all, Billy is free to download and use. Sure, there are a few add-on features that carry a small fee, but for most small businesses, everything you need is ready to go in the basic app, at no charge.

Support is free, too – email support is always available, and live phone support is there for you during usual business hours.
Features and Functions

You get all the accounting features and functions you need for most small businesses. It’s quick to learn and simple to use, so you can handle your routine accounting tasks in-house. That means lower expenses.

More important, you’ll know your numbers – where you stand and where you’re headed.

Here are our most popular functions and features:

  • Invoicing - Quick, simple and accurate invoicing, in the office or out on the road. Create and send invoices right from your desk or using your smartphone. They’re all delivered instantly and filed precisely.

  • Bills and Expenses - Register every bill and receipt with ease. Direct from your email, with a quick scan in the office, or by taking a photo with your smartphone. They all go straight into your accounts, exactly where they belong. Rumpled receipts, botched entries, mysterious misfiles – they’re all history.

  • Sales Taxes - Computing, collecting and paying out your sales taxes – federal, state and local – is no longer a tricky business. Once you’re set up, it’s simplicity itself.

Accountant or bookkeeper? You’ll love Billy too.

Many accounting professionals have begun recommending their clients use Billy to handle their day-to-day bookkeeping. It helps your clients keep their numbers in good order – and it makes it easy for you to access and work with the information you need to do your job.