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Beyond Intelligence is dedicated to bringing business intelligence to the mid-market.  We excel at self-service business intelligence.  We offer an integrated solution that combine business intelligence (BI) with corporate performance management (CPM).  With our solution not only can you analyze the past but you can also plan for the future.



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A Budgeting & Business Intelligence solution with a 360° view of your business

How do you learn from experience? Just collecting actual and historic data isn’t enough. You need insight.

Analyze. Plan. Act.

Jedox empowers you to analyze historical data for meaningful insight, and to plan and forecast intelligently. Jedox unleashes your capabilities in one solution, unifying Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management (BI & CPM) into your competitive edge.

Beyond data discovery, Jedox’s powerful and intuitive write-back mean you can streamline any business process, in any department, where you capture, calculate and present data. This flexibility means Jedox evolves with your business and you can consistently drive progress through Jedox. And your ROI multiplies.

ExcelPLUS – From Excel to anywhere

We all know Excel. It’s easy and fast – for one person. But over time, Excel becomes the basis of complex business processes with many stakeholders. Excel sits outside IT-managed systems, but holds business-critical reporting and planning and analysis. And there starts Excel hell.

Jedox removes Excel’s drawbacks while retaining its advantages

Jedox transforms the world’s most used reporting and planning tool into the most useful tool. Jedox manages your data, your business rules, and secures your data, yet allows you to still use your Excel expertise. If you know Excel, you’ll love Jedox. You can take your Excel-based processes and quickly and easily become a Jedox BI expert, on the web, smartphone or tablet, and the cloud.

With our tools you get the following capabilities.

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We bring state of the art management, budgeting and analytic tools to the mid-market specializing in self-service business intelligence. With our familiar excel integration, write-back functionality and our web, mobile and dashboard capability, we are the ideal solution for all serious analysis.