Axon trucking accounting software

Axon Trucking Accounting Software

Real-Time Trucking Software

Axon® is the only Trucking Software with Dispatch and Accounting that is Totally Integrated in Real-Time, meaning that information only needs to be entered once to instantly update all of your Axon system automatically.

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Trucking Company Accounting Software

Axon completely integrates all of your trucking company management and accounting applications, saving you hundreds, or even thousands of hours of wasted, repetitive entry. And your transactions are performed in “Real-Time” – meaning that every time a new entry is made (a customer’s load is invoiced, or a check is written, or a fuel bill is processed) – all of your accounting records are updated immediately.

Features of Axon’s Trucking Accounting Software

Executive Briefing System

The Executive Briefing provides a summary of your company’s financial situation to help you pinpoint problem areas or unexpected results. Once you have this information, you can dig deeper to obtain more detailed information using Axon reports – the Income Statement, the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Reports, or the Order Master Report.

Ticket Management Software for Oil Field and Aggregate Haulers

Stop entering tickets more than once! With the Axon ticket system, you have the ability to enter tickets in a centralized location and have the information flow to all of your management software applications automatically.

Equipment Revenue Report

To be successful in business, you need a clear picture of your profit and loss. The Axon trucking software system provides a complete reporting package that helps you to track your revenue and expenses for every piece of equipment. The Equipment Statements list all of the revenue, expenses and mileage for owner operators, company units, and trailers for a specified time period. Once you have finalized your equipment statements, you can run an Equipment Revenue Report that breaks down revenue and expenses for each piece of equipment.

Banking – Direct Deposit

Axon software helps you to reconcile the bank statement and generate direct deposit files.

EDI Invoices, Payables and Order Tenders

Axon software is integrated with EDI order tenders, payables and invoices.

Financial Statements

Axon helps you set up your financial statements (e.g. income statement, balance sheet) when you start using the system. In addition, you are given the tools to make changes or create new financial statements.

Optional Integrated Payroll Management

Don’t you hate paperwork! The government has so many forms to fill out — and they can be testy when you forget or do it wrong. Well, Axon can help. Axon’s Payroll application does more than just compile information about employees’ wages and benefits, record trucking payroll transactions and run payroll checks – you can also prepare and print your government reports.

Driver Pay & Owner Operator Settlements

Axon provides you with three different ways to pay your truck drivers, depending on their position with the company.

IFTA Fuel Tax Software

Axon’s trucking and accounting software package is fully integrated. Axon’s IFTA fuel tax software takes the pain out of recording and submitting your fuel tax reports.

Fuel Card Download

Axon’s fully-integrated trucking software package allows you to enter information anywhere in the system and it will instantly update every part of your system — so fuel purchase information is immediately incorporated into Accounts Payable, Equipment/Driver Statements, and IFTA Fuel Tax.

Central Business Partner Management

Every day, we interact with many different people. We rely on rolodex and address books to keep an up-to-date list of all our contacts and business partners, but that isn’t always adequate. We need a complete record of all our interactions with a company — from payment requests to insurance arrangements to fuel surcharge rates.

In Addition to solutions for Highway Carriers, Axon has built systems specifically for Oilfield Haulers, LTL Carriers, Heavy Haulers, Auto Haulers, and Livestock— in fact almost every type of hauler you can think of. If your company uses tickets to track loads we also have that completely integrated with all the other management solutions we offer.

No other Trucking Software offers you the level of integration (the ability for your programs to talk to each other) instantly in Real-Time as does Axon Software. Period.