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The AccountMate software system is sold worldwide and is on the job in over 200 industries, from distributors of aircraft parts, manufacturers of apparel, public housing authorities, to internationally recognized art museums and more.

Gain a competitive edge with a unique, modified version of our ERP software.

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The World's Most Customizable Accounting System

AccountMate Software Offers Modifiable Accounting Software for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

AccountMate is a real-time, customizable financial and business management software designed with the flexible functionality to meet the exact needs of your business and enable you to grow. It takes advantage of the speed of client/server technology and the latest productivity-enhancing tools in Microsoft's suite of products to help you better manage your business.

This leading-edge application combines the full functionality of our award-winning AccountMate system with the power of Microsoft's SQL Server. It offers AccountMate users enhanced investment protection for the long haul with superior scalability, up-time performance, stronger data security and easier integration with other software applications.

Many other accounting and business management software require you to make changes to your core business processes in order to utilize their software - costing your business far more than the price of the software in time and in decreased productivity from re-training your staff.

AccountMate’s accounting and business management software has the ability to conform to your unique business processes. The actual “source code,” (the mechanics of the software) is modifiable, so it can be adapted to any business situation and evolve as your business dictates and grows.

Software That Fits

Drill Down to Source Documents, Just Point and Click

Drill down from summary documents to source documents to gain a better understanding of the transaction details. 

Install AccountMate Local, SaaS or Hosted

Install and implement the software based on your business needs and your budget. This includes standard or modified software.

Completely Customizable Software Can Give You a Competitive Edge

Create exactly the system you need to gain a competitive advantage. Source code enables the system to be modified to meet your specific requirements.

Manage Complex Inventory Requirements

Define and track inventory by serial numbers, units-of-measure, warehouses and bin locations to maximize inventory turns.

Completely Customizable to Meet Your Specific Needs

Create exactly the system you need to gain a competitive advantage. Source code enables the system to be modified to meet your specific requirements.


AccountMate SQL Software - Specifically for businesses with high transaction volumes and heavy user loads. It can accommodate hundreds of simultaneous users, providing businesses with a comprehensive, real-time business and financial management solution. Users can experience uniform high-speed performance - no more system slowdown at the end of your reporting period.

AccountMate Express Software - Designed for businesses with up to five concurrent users that desire the stability and speed of a SQL database with minimal expense.

AccountMate LAN Software - An award winning solution that fulfills the needs of small to mid-sized companies with simpler inventory control needs. Can be customized quickly and easily to fit the way you do business.

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