Accounting Software Success Released!

Press Release
John and Teresa Francis are proud to announce the release of, a free, easy-to-use and extremely comprehensive web site dedicated to assisting accounting and finance professionals with their evaluation, selection and use of accounting software systems. 
June 18, 2010
Contact: Teresa Francis 727-785-7950
June 1, 2010 – John and Teresa Francis, former owners of NFP Consultants, Inc. and founders of Software Success, Inc. , are proud to announce the release of helps accounting and finance professionals clearly identify their accounting software needs prior to contacting vendors. then puts these professionals in touch with accounting software vendors that most closely match their requirements.  
Experience, focus, and attention to detail make different than any other accounting software selection tool on the Web.   The contributors – including accounting professionals, accounting software developers, accounting software business partners, and accounting software implementation experts – have vast years of combined experience in the accounting software industry.   
“Accounting software is constantly evolving. New niche solutions are growing, and vendors are constantly adding new reporting functionality to meet requirements placed on our customers.  
The Accounting Software Selection Tool is comprehensive and flows easily through the requirement process.    Customers answer a series of questions based on their requirements and rank them in importance. then generates a free report showing ranked scores of the accounting software vendors that best meet their needs.   From there, the customer may compare the features of each product side-by-side, view additional product details, or simply request a free trial or demonstration. also offers a Quick Product Search for those who do not wish to complete the full survey but rather just want a quick overview.   The Quick Product Search asks the customer about their general needs and then gives a list of products that suit those requirements. 
Vendor applications include various levels of capabilities and cost, as well as many industry-specific accounting solutions.   Customers will only be contacted by one representative from each product they choose.   The selection is unbiased and ultimately based on the customer’s needs. 
About John and Teresa Francis.
After holding accounting positions in various industries in the 1980’s and 1990’s, John Francis started his own accounting value added reseller business.   He and his wife, Teresa, grew the business into a nationally recognized accounting business partner with over 2500 clients throughout the world.    They were recognized in Accounting Technology as a Technology Pacesetter and one of the top 100 VAR’s. is a partner with and John’s experience with thousands of successful implementations, coupled with Teresa’s experience with marketing and sales of accounting software, led them to pursue in order to further assist customers through this major decision-making process.  
John Francis