Accounting Software RFP Template

Request for ProposalThis RFP template is a composite of RFP's for Accounting Software solutions we have encountered. We combined the best elements from a number of individual RFPs to create the attached document. The document is free and can be used or modified at any time.

Accounting Software RFP Template.

Note - RFPs are used by those who are looking to make large accounting software system purchases to request information from accounting software providers.  The detailed responses will help you understand the ability of each vendor to match your unique business requirements.
It takes the vendors a lot of additional time and effort to put together a complete document that responds to an RFP, so be aware that you should give a vendor a minimum of 2 weeks to respond.
While this document covers a variety of needs, no one document can ever meet every business’s needs.  Also, you may find that in the small to mid-size markets, vendors may not find it practical to complete a document of such scope and may pass on the opportunity.  This is simply a result of the amount of effort required to complete the document.
For these situations, you and the vendor may find it more helpful to have an initial conversation to determine a match between your requirements and their product offerings and options.  Such an initial conversation can often determine whether a vendor makes it to your short list for a more detailed evaluation of their system.
Either way, the more detail and understanding you have when reviewing systems, the better off you will be when making your final selection.