The Right Accounting Software Tools for Schools and Universities

education accounting softwareTo spend more time teaching students we need to spend less time administrating the accounting functions. It helps to understand the benefits of the right accounting software tools for schools and universities – both public and private.

The Existing Situation

Your school district is chronically underfunded while parents and students alike are disenchanted with the number of administrators needed to effectively oversee the entire process. You try to make every person happy but there is just no pleasing everyone. The real question is not one of dedication but of allocation of resources? In short, how can you get more “bang for your buck” with the same number – or less! - of non-teaching employees.

The Underlying Problem

One of the “straw men” usually set up by critics of the current educational system is that there are too many administrators and not enough teachers. While their arguments are usually overly simplistic, they do make a salient point when it comes to such routine duties as accounting. For individual schools and the districts that support them, there is often a better way to handle these everyday but still necessary functions – integrated accounting software specifically designed for the educational industry. 

The Solution and benefits

Educational institutions are rightfully most concerned with how they serve their students academically. Nevertheless, any school – at whatever level – must concern itself with the fundamental business realities. Integrated educational accounting software packages not only make this process easier but also more efficient.

Here's why:

  • Includes excellent support for fund-accounting practices needed by non-profit organizations
  • Superior integration of student and organization data records
  • Provides the lowest cost of ownership by consolidating all financial – both individual and organizational – records in one place
  • Reduces hardware requirements as all records are stored in one redundant space
  • Records are available on an ”as permitted” basis for students, employees and administrators on a 24/7 basis from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Lowers operational costs by automating most manual accounting processes
  • Enhanced capability for creating quarterly, yearly and multi-year budgets

Take the Next Step

In short, if your educational institution is bogged down with simple administrative tasks and would rather be more involved with its students, an integrated accounting software platform might be just the thing your institution needs. It will help you, your staff and your students stay far more involved within the scholarly scope of academics – where they belong! – and less in the practical affairs of the business world.

For more information on integrated educational accounting software, please visit us at Compare Accounting Software. Our free survey can help you and your school, university or district decide if you actually need a new platform and will help you make an informed decision.